5th June 2021
Petrovskiy Marathon
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Petrovskiy Marathon 2021
The Rules and Regulations
Indoor Rowing


1.1. The Petrovskiy Marathon is a historical cultural and sports event which is a form of celebration of the birthday of Peter I (born in Moscow on June 9, 1672), and is held to celebrate this date and in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and an active life position.
1.2. The main objectives of the marathon are:
* Promote the values of a healthy lifestyle, sports and outdoor activities;
* Instill physical culture and an active lifestyle in the low-sports population;
* Involve the younger generation in sports and regular physical activities;
* Preserve the marathon traditions and principles;
1.3. The event is held on the basis of the current legislation and other regulatory acts, including the Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg of March 13, 2020 No. 121 "On measures to counteract the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg" (as amended)


2.1. The Petrovsky Marathon is held by the public organization "Petrovskiy Canoe Marathon". The rights to conduct competitions, including the competition protocols, photos, and video materials created during the event belong to the public organization "Petrovskiy Canoe Marathon". The general management, organization and conduct of the Event is carried out by the Organizing Committee.
2.2. Organizers:
ANO "Center for Support and Development of Water Sports"
IP Antipov M.V.
Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the Leningrad Region
Non-profit organization Association of Rowing Enthusiasts
2.3. Photo / video shooting of the competitions is carried out by the photographers of the Organizers. Photos of the competitions are posted on the official website and/or on the social networks of the Organizers.


3.1. Petrovsky Rowing Marathon 2021 (indor rowing discipline) starts on June 5, 2021. Start at 12.00 on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress in the format of rowing indoor. A wooden platform with 60 rowing machines under a canopy will be placed on the beach. 30 simulators are designed for races at a distance of 68 km and 42,195 m, the remaining 30 simulators according to the schedule for races at 20 km, 10 km, 8 km.


4.1. Marathon program:
June 5, Saturday 10.00-11.30-registration of participants of the Petrovskiy marathon (indoor discipline)
- Open class - Distance 68 km.
- Open class ( open class) - Distance 42195 m.
- Masters 1 (veterans) - from 50 to 60 years old Distance of 20 km.
- Masters 2 (veterans) - from 60 years and older Distance of 10 km.
- Students-from 17-26 years old. The distance is 8 km.


5.1. Everyone over the age of 16 is allowed to participate in the marathon.
5.2. The main principle of the marathon is compliance with the rules of epidemiological safety.
5.3. Rules for the prevention of new coronavirus infection COVID-19:
- wash and disinfect your hands frequently,
- keep a social distance
- protect your respiratory system with a medical mask,
- if you feel unwell, stay at home and see a doctor.
5.4. Participants are allowed for the marathon only in the presence of an identity document, as well as those who have passed pre-registration https://reg.o-time.ru/
5.5. Upon registration each participant signs an agreement of participation in the marathon
5.6. Persons who are in an alcoholic or narcotic state, as well as persons who violate the provisions of this Regulation or the requirements of the Organizer, are not allowed to participate;
5.7. Participants must be physically and technically prepared for the marathon: all participants are personally responsible for their health.
5.8. Participants of the Marathon must independently assess the state of health on the eve or at the time of the Event. If you feel unwell, immediately inform the Organizers of the Event;
5.9. In case of bad health on the eve of the Event, the Participant must refuse to participate;
5.10. Health insurance of the marathon participants is carried out independently.
5.11. Participants are advised to have water and some food supplies.
5.12. Participants pay entry fees after online registration. In case if it's impossible for the participant to arrive at the marathon start, the entry fees cannot be returned.


6.1. The financial support of the marathon is carried out at the expense of the funds raised by the Organizing Committee (entry fees of participants), as well as other participating organizations.
6.2. Pre-registration and payment of entry fees for marathon participation is held on the https://reg.o-time.ru by 23: 59 on June 3, 2021. Registration of the participant is valid only after payment of the entry fee.
6.3. Paid entry fees are non-refundable.
6.4. In case of postponement of the marathon due to force majeure (pandemics, etc.) The Organizing Committee decides on the appointment of a new date for the marathon without additional payment. Participants who have paid the entry fee are subsequently allowed to participate in the postponed competitions without additional payment. If the athlete decides not to take part in the postponed competitions, the entry fee is not refunded.
6.5. The amount of the entry fee for participation in the competition is the same for all distances:
Main classes - 1200 rubles per person
Students (from 17 to 26 years old) - 800 rubles per person
9.6. After passing the electronic registration procedure, athletes need to make sure that their data is available in the list of registered participants on the resource https://reg.o-time.ru Registration data is posted on the website after the funds are credited to the account of the marathon organizers. If the data is not available within one day after the payment of the entry fee, you must send an email confirming the payment to the address mail@o-time.ru
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any additional questions, please write by email: info@waterpoint.club or WhatsApp (contact form below)
Q: Are life jackets mandatory for all classes? And if I have SUP lish?
Yes, life jackets are mandatory for all classes of participants, including SUPs with the presence of lish.
Q: How will the results be recorded?
The results will be recorded using electronic chips that will be issued at registration with the participants' numbers. Electronic chips are handed over after the finish to the organizers (in exchange for a medal))
Q: How many food points will there be?
Two intermediate Food points (30 km and 60 km) and one at the finish line. Food points are organized for participants, but anyone from the support group or the audience will be able to purchase a food coupon for 500 rubles.
Q: Are there any mandatory Check Points?
There are no mandatory Check Points, all points including food points, creative and competitive points, participants pass at will.
Q: Will the delivery of boats to the start from the city be organized?
Yes, the day before it will be possible to hand over the boat in the city for transportation to the start of 68 km and 40 km. The cost is 1000 rubles. To apply, write to us by email info@waterpoint.club
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